Lake Maggiore Express

Lago Maggiore Express is a wonderful way to spend a relaxing day on Lake Maggiore and explore its beauty and foothills of the Swiss and Italian Alps at the same time.

The trip usually starts in Stresa and can be taken in one of two directions. You may start by train from Stresa, take the Centovalli, Lago Maggiore Express train across the foothills to the Swiss city of Locarno, and return by ferry to Stresa. The other option is to start your trip on the ferry from Stresa to Locarno, enjoy lunch on the boat as you travel north and return to Stresa by way of the Lago Maggiore express.

Lake maggiore express stresa

Don’t forget!

Passports are required as you travel between Italy and Switzerland during the trip. It is rare for you to be asked to present your passport, but you must carry it with you for this trip.

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Two main types of tickets: valid for 1 or 2 days. Here you can find more information and timetable for the season 2015

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